General Meeting
Date: Wednesday 11th May, 2016
Venue: Mason Wines, Hartley Road, Tamborine Mountain
Time: 6.30pm
President’s Welcome
Welcome to new members
Business arising from the minutes
Guest speaker – Councillor Nadia O’Carroll
General Business
Lucky door prizes
Close of Meeting
President and sub-committee reports as per newsletter
Report to Members

The Management Committee have put in many hours together and with the sub-committees working on the best way to achieve our vision and the 6 key initiates shared at the AGM.

One of these initiatives is to increase memberships. In order to achieve this we need to change our process. We need to make it easier for businesses on the Mountain to find us, and to join us.

Through change we aim to be more attractive and be the go-to-place to network with the Mountain business community.

In order to do this at our general meeting we will be putting forward an amended constitution for review and consideration by the members. The changes involve the procedures used to allow new members to join the Chamber and the use of proxy votes.

The proposed changes for membership are to remove the need for an existing member to nominate and another to second, and then for all members present to vote on the new member being allowed to join.

As the Management committee have received many complaints, the MC feels the ‘old’ process is onerous and not in the spirit of inclusiveness.

The proposed new procedure would see new members completing an application forms which the Management Committee evaluates and approves the application. This would speed up the process and offer a much simpler way to join.

The use of proxy votes has also been reviewed and the following recommendation was made: A proxy vote can only be used in the event that a paid- up member is unable to attend to vote i.e. on holiday, off ill or overseas. This is to ensure proxy votes are not used inappropriately for boosting votes.

A copy of the proposed changes to the constitution will be available for review at the meeting on Wednesday 11 May.

Please support our DVD advertising space initiative and the new map brochure which we hope to deliver end June.

The Council has been in and pressure-cleaned the building and paths. We are requesting that some of the foliage is pruned to let in more light and for visibility.

Bungunyah Manor and Songbirds have generously offered famils to the volunteers.

We need more volunteers, if you know someone who likes a chat and loves out mountain as much as we do, please recommend them. Ian and Karen have finished their training and have started days by themselves. A number of Volunteers will be away in May so the remainder are doing extra days.

Quotes and grants are being sought for a computer, new brochure racks and a second TV screen.

A reminder to accommodation businesses please let the VIC know on Wednesdays if you have vacancies on the weekend, ph. 5545 3200 or

The volunteers will be receiving further training about the natural history and birds of the mountain from Geoff Eller. By the way has everyone seen the flash computerised interactive bird identification screen complete with bird calls at the back of the VIC? If you haven’t you will be surprised!!!

The committee has met and a charter has been developed to ensure no demarcation with other committees. The committee is currently providing advice on key initiatives such as events and the website.

Ray is working on improving the Chamber tab on the website to make it more useful to members and more informative to anyone wanting to be a member. As soon as we have something to show you we will forward the link.

There has been very little financial movement in April apart from income received for DVD advertising. A full set of financial reports will be available on the members’ website soon after the month has ended and all accounts are reconciled.

At the inaugural meeting of the new committee decided to start with a new format and focus. All agreed that a positive change was needed and that more emphasis should be placed on ‘Events’ as opposed to just ‘Tourism’ type marketing of existing products. This holistic approach will benefit all Mountain residents and also increase revenue for other general businesses retailers and of course help existing traditional tourism related entities.

The boundary parameters were discussed between what the new Marketing Sub-Committee would cover and what is expected from the Tourism Sub-Committee. The consensus was clear and each side will liaise carefully to ensure that there are no overlaps of responsibilities.

The Map brochure will be handled by the Marketing Sub-Committee, whilst the Tourism Sub-

Committee will contribute as many new calendar events as possible to try and ensure year round interest for visitors. Discussion of ‘events’ identified three categories which were:-

  1. Existing events such as Scarecrow Festival, Tour de Tamborine, Springtime on the Mountain etc.
  2. Recovering some of the Old Favourite-type events such as Garterbelts and Gasoline, Avocado and Rhubarb;
  3. Identification of New events such as Food and Wine, Arts and Craft, Oktoberfest Beer Festival etc.

Terri Taylor explained the importance of more Food and Cooking type events, which were very popular in other regions. There were some discussions about whether it was possible to have road closures and John Penglis explained the strategy that had worked in the past. It was agreed that Chamber should try to support as many of the existing events as possible, without direct ownership so as to increase community involvement. The Tamborine Show was used as an example and there needs to be more assistance and involvement from Chamber.

Very positive meetings have already been held with Scenic Rim Tourism players such as Brent Randall, Charles Liggett and there will far greater liaison in future.

Effort will be undertaken to engage at a deeper level with the other local organisations such as TEQ (Tourism and events Queensland), Brisbane Marketing and Gold Coast Tourism. A special thanks was noted for our new Mayor Greg Christensen and our super Deputy-Mayor Nigel Waistell for their great support of our new initiatives.

Look forward to seeing you on Wednesday 11 May!


Alison & the Management Committee