By Alison Rip

Please join us at our networking General Meeting on Wednesday 8th June at the new time of 5.30pm.

John Flanagan – President of the Tamborine Mountain Sports Centre – will be our guest speaker.
He has some fantastic plans for developing the grounds which will benefit the community.


Apologies for being absent from our last General Meeting. Gerard’s parents were celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary and we were asked to join the celebrations in The Netherlands. I had no idea what lay before me as I had not been there before, but wow was I cold!

While I was away, Daniela handed over the role of looking after the information emails to Dianne. I’d like to thank Daniela for all her great work over the years, as well as thank Dianne for taking this over. The committee members this past month have been incredibly busy and I thank them.

The setting up of Google Drive, designing and putting together the new map brochure and map boards, amending the Chamber part of the website, looking at search engines and results, researching forthcoming events, getting behind the Scarecrow Festival, amending our constitution, looking at venues and speakers and putting together a plan for the Chamber has taken up many hours this past month.

This committee has felt strongly that Chamber needed a document management system and an intellectual property management system to enable easy transition between committees. As all assets belong to the Chamber, it is imperative that there is transparency and ease of use for all. Setting up Google Drive has enabled us to have a central storage point where all artwork, passwords, and emails can be stored.

We have been busy looking for, finding and storing these. Terri and Gordon attended the TAC meeting while I was away. The three of us attended the Combined Chambers of Commerce Executive Meeting hosted by Charles Liggett at The Centre in Beaudesert in May. Discussed was poor mobile communications across the Scenic Rim. The NBN rollout continues with the possibility of up to 15 towers being constructed across the Scenic Rim (subject to planning approval).

Separate to the NBN rollout, there are distinct mobile telecommunications challenges that confront many small businesses in the Scenic Rim – Paul Russell, Digital Economy and Productivity Department, discussed these. Our Mayor challenged both speakers on the issue of how our lack of stable connectivity was impacting on business, agriculture and in the home. The CCIQ is reviewing our revised draft constitution, and once we have this back it will be forwarded to Rob Ward (Chamber Solicitor) to set out correctly. The members will then be notified to view it on our website.

Chamber is being promoted in the local news and now as we get our newsletter sorted you will be receiving a regular update prior to each meeting. I’m hoping that I can have the Chamber area of the website sorted by the next meeting so that all businesses can have an area that they can utilise.

Please support our Map Brochure! There have been a number of members involved, giving up their time and putting in a lot of effort to modernise and produce an easy-to-use map. This will be reflected on the map boards, as they are soon to be replaced with new maps and information. I have been challenged that there are many unhappy Chamber members. If you are one, or would like to make a constructive suggestion, please email me: We are still striving for less conflict, more understanding, and better outcomes. The committee is focused on growing our membership, increasing tourism and encouraging inter-business relationships on the Mountain so that all members benefit. The old saying goes: “Rome was not built in a day …” but we are trying! Warm regards, Alison


Visitor numbers are up with all the fine weekends and festivals throughout May, including The Cultural Trails, Craft Extravaganza, Mother’s Day and the Festival of Elegance. There are 2 new books for sale on the shelves of the VIC: Family Bushwalks in South East Queensland, and a cookbook called Eat Local. We have a new craft supplier and the shelves are full of winter woollens and knitted dolls. If you ever need to know what’s happening in the area, please look at We are always looking for volunteers to help out at the VIC: there is a small remuneration and you get to go on bus trips, have lunches, and famils around the mountain and neighbouring areas. Two of our Chamber members, Delma and Margie, have been volunteers for over 5 years – have a chat to them and they will tell you how worthwhile and satisfying it is informing visitors and locals about our wonderful mountain. Call Barb if you would like to know more and give it a try, 55454765. Accommodation providers please notify the VIC of your weekend vacancies. or 55453200. Terri Taylor


The May 2016 Financial Reports are on the members’ area of the website for viewing. Income has started to stream in for the 2016/17 Map Brochure and nearly all the DVD advertisers have now paid up. We are in the process of preparing budgets for different advertising products which will help us identify areas of strength and any possible challenges that need to be addressed. On a more general note, as 30 June 2016 is looming, please be sure to chat to your accountant regarding effective tax planning measures and be aware of the 2.4% minimum wage increase effective from the first full pay period after 01 July 2016. Jackie Sherrard -Smith


Tourism sub-committee meeting in May focused on various topics: First, the pending matter of the new look Map Brochure. The previous map brochure was printed in May last year for 2015/16 and we need to get the 2016/17 to the printer in June, so that we do not run out! As we would like a broader distribution through various channels, we appeal to the members to get behind this asset! Discussions were held about the Chamber supporting events such as the Festival of Elegance. John Penglis hosted the Saturday daytime event, and the Sunday event was held at the Witches Chase Cheese Factory. A trophy was sponsored by Chamber, and Gordon Chalmers booked a table of ten. Further events are to be studied, such as a re-launch of the Avocado and Rhubarb type festival or a Wine and Cheese type event. There is a general feeling on the Mountain that there have been good weekend levels of tourists and that the recent milder and drier weather certainly helped. Gordon Chalmers


Visitors’ Information Centre DVD: 26 have paid and 30 have committed in total. All artwork has now been collected. Production has commenced and the DVD should be completed and ready to go 1st July. The second screen will be purchased for the VIC and the video will be staggered so advertisers will have twice the chance of being seen by people entering the VIC. Blog is under way and hopefully completed next week, which will contain linked articles and a new space for the Members’ newsletter. Chamber emails have been transferred to Google as well as the setup of G-Drive meaning all chamber related documents can be stored here for future reference. MARKETING SUB-COMMITTEE We’re awaiting to hear back from the Showgrounds so that we can start promoting event venues throughout the website. Value proposition review and how we sell Tamborine Mountain is underway. A social media campaign and completion is being reviewed as a promotional option. Stakeholder plan is being considered to ensure we have a more strategic focus on those organisations that not only support tourism growth, but can provide benefits to the wider community. Peter Harris


Our Facebook page has amassed over 1000 followers. Some say this is an important hurdle in social media. We have continued to increase our followers to 1070+ over the last week. Facebook, with more than 1.59 billion active users monthly is a fertile ground to showcase our beautiful Mountain and to promote your businesses. I would like to see our Facebook page grow to at least 10,000 followers. This is achievable with your support. Please, click on the link below. TamborineMountainQLD/  Please “Like” TMCCI’s Facebook page, if you haven’t already. Then like and share our posts and invite your friends to like our page. Everyone loves Tamborine Mountain. I will be communicating with our members about contributing posts to our page. Rich content and value-added posts are what followers are looking for on Facebook. Next goal 2,000! Dianne Warnes


To establish a group of business owners located in the North Tamborine area that can work together collaboratively for the good of all businesses. Sharing and supporting each other. The group is to work under/within the Chamber as a sub-committee. Members of the group will be members of the Chamber and will meet as a sub-committee to discuss any initiatives required to increase business in the area. Reporting to the Management Committee. Richard Manson


Scarecrow Festival 2016 planning is well underway. What a great committee we have this year! Their enthusiasm and commitment to making this the best Scarecrow Festival is precisely the right ingredients needed to do just that. Applications for sponsorship and grants have been made and requested. This is some of what you can expect in October for the festival: Friday 14th there will be a real buzz around town with buskers and street performers and the judging of the scarecrow masterpieces. Saturday 15th, join us in the celebrations at Long Road Sports Fields for a festival filled with good food, great music from the Round Mountain Girls, bubble soccer, human bowling, jumping castles, pony rides, entertainers, stalls, maybe a special appearance of Hay-Den’s girlfriend. Sunday 16th, the fun will continue at the Cheese Factory for the awards ceremony. Music, food & fun will be the right mix to end the 2016 Scarecrow Festival on a high. Please email me if you would like to be a sponsor – Gold for $1,000, Silver for $500, Bronze $250 and/or donate a prize – au Linda Hogan


The Committee is preparing a submission to Council for the redevelopment and beautification of the Gallery Walk Precinct. We are striving to achieve the rejuvenation of Gallery Walk and surrounds so that it becomes a priority destination for visitors from Australia and from around the world. The committee believes that by making these changes, visitors will experience a more enjoyable and memorable visit to Gallery Walk. The items being proposed are as follows:

  • Elegant lighting along both sides of Gallery Walk
  • Widening of footpaths on both sides
  • Pavement designed to be beautiful and complete from kerb to door of shops
  • Rest areas (seating) along the street on both sides
  • Garden areas and places where trees will be planted to eventually provide shade and green spaces.
  • Redevelopment of the road to provide a level surface to the kerb
  • Reduce car parking spaces along Gallery Walk
  • Introduce time limited spaces for bus parking
  • Disabled parking as well as drop-off and pickup car spaces.
  • Extending the Council carpark at the rear of the shops and obtain access through properties to Gallery Walk
  • Provide additional toilets at Council carpark and also at the other end (Brewery end) of Gallery Walk by way of Council acquisition of private land
  • Rebuild existing toilets to the same quality level as the Doughty Park toilets
  • Improved signage to welcome visitors to Gallery Walk as well as an Events Calendar sign
  • Commission John Mongard to provide the planning and beautification plans
  • And last but not least, to continue following up Council on their commencement date for the works at Rhoda’s Corner

Darren Jack


  • Attend regular meetings or events.
  • Network so that you will be connected to the right people and have the opportunity to further develop your networks and business with potential clients, customers, suppliers and other business owners.
  • Promote your business at monthly meetings/on map brochure & boards
  • Purchase website advertising and banner ads for both the benefit of Chamber as well as the members
  • Send promotions, photos, stories or promote events to our socialmedia@tamborinemtncc. keeping members informed.
  • Get involved with local events and show your support or sponsor an event
  • Bring business cards and brochures and tell your ‘story’ at meetings
  • Help grow membership, bring a guest to meetings, encourage membership and increase attendance at meetings.
  • Support local businesses

Donate lucky door prizes which help to sponsor our annual Christmas Party and promotes your business