Please join us at our General Meeting on Wednesday 14th September @ 5.30 for 6pm start at Mason Wines

Please RSVP for catering purposes
SMS: Y or N to Alan – 0419 269 430 or
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Kim Burgess is one of the guest speakers. She will talk on RizeUp.
RizeUp Australia is a community-driven organisation of passionate men and women, dedicated to supporting the many families affected by domestic and family violence.
Jodie from Antiques Plus is our 2nd guest speaker, and she will tell us her story.

Another interesting month has been had by all…
I would like to say a big ‘thank you’ to the Council Parks & Gardens maintenance team who have been working tirelessly on our Mountain over these past few weeks.

The Council and I have had meetings to discuss preparing the Mountain for the Springtime and Scarecrow Festivals and a team of workers was assigned. Derek Swanborough has been making noises on various Community pages regarding the lack of flowers. As we do not have reticulated water, planting of pretty flowers is not a realistic option, as they cannot be irrigated and would have to be watered from a water truck.

The other problem is that roundabouts and many of our roads are owned by State and have nothing to do with Council.

This year, we have instead opted for pruning, mulching and removal of privet at Mountain viewing points and at the cemetery, in addition to general mowing and whipper-snipping. The Visitors Information Centre garden has been attended to and is looking great. I have also requested that Gallery Walk toilet area is seen to.

In future, we can look at sensible alternatives such as flowering rainforest plants and mulch, and will assess where best to plant them in readiness for next year’s Springtime on the Mountain and Scarecrow Festival.

Unfortunately, the Siganto / Guanaba / Henri Robert Roads belong to Main Roads and I believe they ‘lack funds’ for garden maintenance! Will be following this up.

Some good news …. after many years of debating the possibility of revising the Chamber’s Constitution, your new Committee are happy to report that they have finally completed this mammoth task.  Totalling over 9,000 words across 28 pages, this has taken many long nights for our dedicated Committee members to bring the Tamborine Chamber up to date, and compatible with other local Chambers of Commerce.

This new draft constitution is based on both the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Queensland (CCIQ) template as presented to us by Amy Panuccio (Regional Manager), and also the Redland City Chamber’s constitution, which they also very kindly agreed for us to use.
As we have tried to adhere to the new guidelines set down by CCIQ, your Committee believes that this new Constitution is compliant and should suffice should our Chamber at some stage in the future decide to become a full Associate Chamber member of CCIQ. This draft was sent to past presidents for comment. Once all comments have been received the draft will be amended and sent to the Chamber lawyer – Rob Ward – to check and format. Upon completion it will be posted onto the website and all members will be sent an email. A special meeting will then be called and the new constitution accepted into Chamber.

Map Boards are under way. Please chat to Terri on 0421 087 904 if you would like to be on them, or if you would like to quote on the printing. The cost to advertise for members is $100 per annum to be on ALL the boards across the Mountain. We have been asked to consider installing another map board at the top of Gallery Walk and will talk to the Council and if agreeable submit a request.

We met with the Mayor in August to discuss infrastructure issues on the Mountain. There is no easy solution. The thought process is to get a working group together for a day to hash out all the ideas, problems, objections, negatives and positives and to try and achieve an outcome that will be acceptable to all residents.

Gordon and I attended the Combined Chambers of Commerce Executive Meeting – Arts and Business – and how we can engage with the Scenic Rim Open Studios programme, as well as how we can engage with the Fires on top of the Mountains Commonwealth Games Cultural Programme.

We were pleased we attended when we heard from David Zolkwer from Jack Morton Worldwide. They have been awarded the opening and closing ceremonies for our Commonwealth Games.
Their approach is very different to some of the ceremonies that we have seen in the past. I think they won the bid because their attitude is not that we want it bigger, better or costlier than before, it’s about what the viewers will remember. The Why? How to showcase our area to the millions of viewers who will be watching and what will they remember years after, and what will make then want to visit SE Qld.

All members will be emailed a new member user name and password for the ‘member log-in’ area on the website at the end of this week. Until then the current arrangement stands and you can use the password issued by the previous webadmin. Should you have any queries please email Andrew

I was told today of a comment passed by a member that ‘nobody on the committee does any work.’  To say I take umbrage to that is an understatement.  This committee gives up so much of their time every week, to meet, to discuss, to do and manage, and to work on how to make the Chamber a more enjoyable yet effective Chamber is admirable.

No member has asked to meet with the committee, to discuss concerns or to make suggestions. We meet the last Tuesday of every month and if you would like an audience please email the . We are also always available for a coffee meet!
Still lots to do but moving on slow and steady…
Warm regards,

Alison –

August was another busy month at the VIC with Brisbane and Gold Coast show holidays, and fine weather; a lot of extra visitors have come to the VIC.

The corner advertising spot has been taken by Skywalk for the month, and it is worth looking at as an example for a very successful display. It attracts the attention of everyone who walks in, and visitors ask “Where is this place?”

The Gold and Silver sponsor’s brochure holders have been attached to the front of the counter where visitors can’t help but see them.

The new map is out and already being distributed in all the brochure racks in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Northern New South Wales, at the airport and at all the VICs. The volunteers love the map in the new fold out brochure as it is larger than previous and easier to read the road names, and the attractions are written clearly on it. They are getting positive responses.

We need a coffee table to use for photographic books between the longue chairs. I have looked for one at the op shops, but none suitable. If anyone has one that we could have on long term loan it would be greatly appreciated. Sturdy timber in colonial style would be most suitable.

The Council gave us a new air-conditioner and they have pruned the garden, trimmed and removed some shrubs to let in some more light!!! Fantastic.

As always please call into the VIC anytime and introduce yourselves and your business to the volunteers. Please feel free to email me with anything
Regards Terri –

We currently have 1.268 likes on our Facebook page. Our post average post reach has increased to around 1,980. We have had a significant (88%) increase in post engagements.
We are currently discussing campaign strategy to increase our social media impact significantly.
Please contact me to discuss your promotions –
Dianne Warnes

We have completed a review of our member database. Please let us know if you are not receiving emails. Be aware that if you unsubscribe from the database, you will not receive emails.
Significant numbers of newsletters, inquiries, member requests and other email correspondence are received each day. These are actioned by replies or passed on to the relevant Management Committee Members for further action.
Dianne Warnes

The August 2016 Financials are available on the website for viewing.  We have resent all outstanding Map brochure invoices as the map brochure has now been printed and is in distribution.  Please can anyone who has not yet paid make this a priority to do so.

Also, please can those generous people who committed to paying a donation towards the Scarecrow Festival pay their dues as the event is taking place soon and the committee needs to allocate funds accordingly.
We are looking into a SMS response system so it would be great if all members please forward their mobile phone numbers
Please email and let me know.

Meetings were held on 24th August and 1st September due to the map brochure issues and the new distribution.
The first 100,000 batch of maps were completed and have been distributed to the various Gold Coast map brochure services. The remainder of the maps have been put into storage on the mountain.
Further discussions were held to investigate the possibilities of further distribution and also a larger foldout map as the printer have confirmed that the larger DL format without any additional costs.

The work on the 5-year tourism plan with Brent Randall (SRRC) and Mark Olsen (EarthLink) has been ongoing although side-lined slightly by the work looking at combining the Local Tourist Organisation (LTO) Maps and Websites.

Terri Taylor and Gordon Chalmers attended an extraordinary Tourism Advisory Committee (TAC) meeting on 4th September in Beaudesert when each LTO and Cr Stanfield and Cr West attended. A 5-year plan was set to create a series of Scenic Rim Tourism maps that have a common theme and a single website.

Work has begun on a survey of signage around the mountain to put before the Council and hopefully get some improved signage.
The new map board marketing campaign has started in earnest.  The Gold and Silver sponsors will be highlighted and the advertising is open for all member.
Gordon Chalmers –

Stats are for Month of August – year on year (compared to August 2015)

  • Sessions             -6.01%        28,182 vs 29,985
  • Users                -3.76%        22,980 vs 23,878
  • Page views        -12.87%       50,672 vs 58,158
  • Pages/Session   -7.30%         1.80 vs 1.94
  • Avg. Session Dur’n     2.55%    00:02:27 vs 00:02:23
  • Bounce Rate (i.e. single page visits) -3.91%     57.27% vs 59.61%


  • Mobile (52.21%) up 1.59%
  • Desktop (36.21%) down 5.30%
  • Tablet (11.57%) down 31%


  • Starting/entry pages for visits:
  • Things to do on Tamborine Mtn: ~30% of entry pages
  • Front page: 18%
  • Walking tracks: 14.4%
  • Cottages-chalets-accommodation: 13%
  • Restaurants-cafés: 5%

Website usage (year-on-year) is strongly trending towards more frequent access from mobile phones.

Visitors are still most often searching for activities on the Mountain, followed by accommodation. We have been working on identifying how we can make access to this information on smaller screens even better, by simplifying both top-level content and navigation. This ease of use will enable all visitors to the site to quickly get exactly the info they need, and should encourage them to explore more of the site.

We have rearranged the Accommodation landing page accessed from the front page billboard so that visitors can see all the accommodation types on offer at a glance, rather than favouring any particular type. We believe in the past this has been of concern to some operators, and the new arrangement should be much fairer for all.

Members will shortly have an entirely separate part of the site where they can access Chamber documents and pertinent member information. New logins and passwords will be emailed shortly – please keep an eye out.


  • Following up with Council on Commonwealth Games reference group formation
  • Reviewing opportunities and grants for public art pieces – Scare crow is an option
  • Q-Music member to visit mountain and review suitability of Sports Grounds for music event
  • Reviewing opportunities for Social Media campaign and involvement of local businesses

Peter Harris

Banners, registration forms, colour in competition, arrive Tuesday and will be erected & distributed Wednesday. A4 flyers & DL flyers during this week.

Registration & colour in competition can be picked up and dropped off at the following places around town. The Professionals, IGA, library, taste buddies, granny macs fudge shop.

  • Final program has almost been finalised.
  • Budget is on track
  • 3 lucky sponsors have taken ownership of their own piglet in the upcoming scarecrow festival pig race.
  • Only 3 piglets left, contact Linda Hogan 0414 300 558 if you would like to sponsor a pig.
  • Radio interview with Hot Tomato & ABC will give me the opportunity to plug our sponsors & the event.
  • If you’re not already on the sponsors list, why not? There is still time.
  • Celebrity guest judge, who is it? Watch this space.

The largest community event on our mountain is shaping up to be one of the best to date.  Without your support this would not be possible. It is our mission to ensure your business receives the exposure and recognition for being a sponsor.

Thank you from the 2016 committee
Linda Hogan –

The Gallery Walk Sub-Committee has been working in the background and following up on the progression of the remodelling of the park at the Cheese Factory end of Gallery Walk.

We have spoken to both Cr Nigel Waistell and John Mongard (acting architect) for the project. John has informed us that plans for the works are well ahead and that main roads have received plans for new curb line and that they are also reviewing the drainage for this development. So we can be certain that the works will be going ahead as soon as these areas are processed by Main Roads and Council.
Darren Jack –