Please join us at our Networking Breakfast Meeting on Wednesday 12th October @ 7am at the Eagle Heights Resort

Please RSVP for catering purposes

SMS: Y or N to Alan – 0419 269 430 or

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As October is Breast Cancer month we have Helen Gilles, the Regional Fundraising Coordinator for the Cancer Council Queensland as our guest speaker.

If you are a survivor or going through treatment, we would love you to share your story at our ‘Pink’ breakfast. Fundraising items will be on sale, donations will be gladly accepted.

Breast cancer occurs predominantly in females, although in rare instances men can also develop the disease. These days breast cancer that is contained within the breast is largely treatable and the survival rate is at an all-time high. However, if the tumour spreads to another part of the body, treatments are not generally effective and the survival rate is not good.

Research is the only way to stop women and men dying from the disease. Better understanding of how tumours originate, grow and spread results in better ways to prevent and treat breast cancer.

Please join us!


It has been a roller coaster month.

The Management Committee relies on Chamber members to inform us of any changes to their circumstances. Should you cease operating your business as per your original membership application, or if you sell your business, we would expect a withdrawal of your membership. If your business should change name or you begin trading under another name, you will need to complete a new membership application form.

Owning an ABN number but not trading is not recognised as a business and your resignation would be expected.

I believe that the Chamber is a place where business owners meet to get community and Council updates, to network, increase their database, socialise, make new friends and grow the Chamber and its assets.

I don’t believe that it is a venue for any member to create an uncomfortable atmosphere over personal agendas.

There is still a batch of people who are unable to move on and to embrace the change. This results in fracturing, and is a waste of time and energy which I personally don’t have time for.

We have a great opportunity to keep growing, to renew the Chamber constitution, to increase membership, to create a go-to Chamber and to get positive results for all. If this batch of people does not want to be a part of that then they should step out.

Let’s keep meetings positive and the atmosphere pleasant.

I would like to congratulate the Scarecrow Committee on behalf of all of us on a job well done! It was a wonderful weekend and I have received great feedback from various people. The Saturday Festival was a fabulous community occasion and one I hope we continue to grow from strength to strength. Thank you to all the businesses that sponsored or donated prizes, a huge thank you to the TMSA for allowing the event at the Sports Ground, to Cedar Creek Winery for hosting the opening, to the Mayor for being at both the opening and closing ceremonies and to the Brewery for hosting the closing prize giving award ceremony.

You will be receiving the draft constitution via email in the next day or so. Any feedback please send to the Secretary. We received feedback from some past presidents and committee members which we took on-board. Those comments plus Redbank City Chamber, Kooralbyn Valley Chamber, Logan Country Chamber, our own and the CCIQ standard constitutions were all used in reaching this final draft.

The map boards ‘make-over’ is underway and hopefully by next meeting these should be complete.

Next up is the telephone book. Adverts will be run in the local papers so please look out for those.

We had an extraordinary number of visitors to the Mountain throughout September for the Springtime and the Scarecrow Festivals. Our Mountain looked neat and tidy thanks to our Council maintenance crews.

The vibrant town planning is getting some interesting comments and I believe the closing date for comment was extended to Friday 21st October. The visualisations are available on the Council website and at the library.

John Mongard gave informative presentations, and these events were well attended by the community. Just to recap, funding for the Library Square project which is part of the Vibrant Town Centre master plan has been shortlisted by the State Government. A final decision should be reached before the end of the year.

The Master Plan is a long-term project that will include the upgrade of the Vonda Youngman Centre, The Zamia Theatre, the planting of Main Street, creating centre spaces along Main Street for community use and linking Main Street to the rest of North Tamborine. This will be funded by State grants and Council funds.

Jon Krause, Shadow Minister for Tourism, Sport and Racing met with me to discuss a variety of Mountain issues. We would like to see more attention paid to the roads and verges on the Southern end of the Mountain, as these have been overlooked due to lack of funds. Gallery Walk, the bypass, the state of our roads and tourism on the Mountain were all on the agenda.

Scott Buchholz is keen to address the members at a Chamber meeting. Scott owned and ran his own medium size business, and this business background has made him a staunch advocate for local small businesses.  We are trying to arrange this for our February meeting.

The Management Committee members have been unfairly criticised for offering to meet one on one, socially over a coffee. We believe that being available to all members in a relaxed environment which is non-threatening is a great forum to listen to ideas, complaints and positive feedback.

The end of the year is looming, still lots to do but moving on slow and steady…

Warm regards,



It was a very busy September with Springtime on the Mountain over 3 days and the Scarecrow Festival over 3 days as well. We had 2 volunteers on the Sunday of both events. Numbers were also up midweek with fine days and the school holidays.

The broken air conditioner has been replaced so the volunteers and visitors are more comfortable.

A new local lady has her aromatic oils on consignment, and 2 new children’s rainforest story books are being stocked.

A coffee table has been purchased from the local online garage sale Face book page, it is used between the couches to put the photo albums on for the visitors to browse through.

As always please call into the VIC anytime and introduce yourselves and your business to the volunteers. Please feel free to email me with anything

Regards, Terri –


The success of the Scarecrow Festival and the Springtime on the Mountain was reflected in the social metrics of Facebook pages. The increase in organic reach and engagement was significant in all pages including the Chamber’s page, Gallery Walk’s page, and the Scarecrow Festival’s page. Both the Chamber’s page and the Scarecrow page had posts with reaches of 14,000 plus.

Chamber’s page

Total Reach: increased by 671%

Engagement: increased by 630.3%

Peter and I are working on our pilot Loop Competition. We have had a great response from members wanting to be involved in the pilot and future loop competitions. If you would like to be involved, please contact:

Dianne Warnes –

Peter Harris –

Please contact me to discuss your promotions –

Dianne Warnes


A very busy month attending to both the public & members’ inquiries, providing information, and directing incoming emails to the relevant committee/committee members. Updates to our database are ongoing.

Dianne Warnes


The September 2016 and YTD financials are on the website for viewing. We are still waiting on some businesses to pay for their map brochure advertising despite several reminders.

Please can those with outstanding amounts make it a priority to pay these invoices as it is grossly unfair to fellow members.

Please email and let me know.




September was a busy month with both Chamber Tourism Committee meetings and the Tourism Advisory Committee (TAC) meeting. The Council initiatives for the revitalization of Main Street also created a lot of work trying to get as much community input and participation as possible.

Chamber Tourism Sub-Committee work has mainly focused on the preparation of the new Tamborine Tourism Map (TMM) initiatives that sees much wider third party brochure distribution. Feedback from advertisers have been overwhelmingly supportive of the new single map and the financial savings, especially now being made to joint advertisers. Judi Minnikin and Terri Taylor will monitor progress and have plans to increase print run number even more dramatically in future years.

It was unanimously agreed at the TAC meeting on 5th September in Beaudesert to set a three year roadmap for closer map and website integration and cross marketing of each other’s region.  Closer ties will also then be possible with Brisbane Marketing and Gold Coast Marketing who have much larger budgets and reach to capture the rapidly increasing international tourism dollar.

The new 2016 – 2021 Scenic Rim Tourism Plan is also released in draft format and will be soon made available to all members, when final draft comments have been integrated by Council. Thanks are passed to all the participating companies who helped and participated in the roundtable meetings held with Mark Olsen of EarthLink.Gordon Chalmers –


Stats are up for Month of September 2016 – year on year (compared to 2015)

A very healthy increase (compared to this time last year) in both number of sessions (visits) and the number of users visiting the site.

Sessions                               UP  7.38%   30,744 vs 28,632

Users                                    UP 10.21%   25,010 vs 22,694

Page views                          DOWN – 1%   56,072 vs 56,622

Pages per Session             DOWN  – 7.77%   1.82 vs 1.98

Avg. Session Duration     DOWN – 4.5%   = 00:02:29 vs 00:02:36

Single page visits              UP <1%   = 56.76% vs 56.38%

New Sessions                      UP 6.32%   = 76.01% vs 71.49%
Access from different devices:

Mobile          up ~21% (year on year) – a very prominent rise

Desktop         up ~2.8%

Tablet          down ~21%

Starting/entry pages:

Things to do on Tamborine Mtn and Unique attractions are again the prominent pages – Enquiries and direct search landing: up by 6%, natural attractions (walking tracks/national parks etc.) up 10%. A little under 85% of visitors to the website still find their way there through a search e.g. “things to do on Tamborine Mountain, where to stay on Tamborine Mtn” etc. There has also been a small but significant increase in access through both direct links (from other sites such as the major tourism websites) and referral links. Social media is also starting to bring more numbers (year on year).

Work continues on making the website clearer and more accurate – there are still multiple entries and incorrect entries from previous years which occasionally pop up in Google search results. We are also determining the best way for Chamber members to directly notify changes to their details on a regular basis. We also invite up-to-date content from our members, rather than simply rolling over each year with descriptions that may no longer be the best. If this may apply to you, then please contact us!

The members’ section is now fully functional, and will separate information relevant to members only from information of value to the general visitor to the site. If you haven’t got your access details (which were emailed out last month), please contact us.

As always, we welcome your feedback and queries on how we can make the site work better for our members – please email


  • Met with directors of SugarRush regarding music concert on Mt Tamborine
  • 3 venues were reviewed, great feedback on all but Showgrounds was the preferred site based on starting smaller
  • Concept discussed on how to integrate across the business community e.g. one-day event then one day to visit the rest of Tamborine Mountain, invite local businesses to participate: food and wine
  • SugarRush will do an analysis and get back to us, long lead on first events so next year late is the target. Concept may also include some “mini” events leading up to the major one
  • Application nominating Peter Harris for the Commonwealth Games Reference Group has been submitted

Peter Harris


Our media launch was held at Cedar Creek Winery & Vineyard. Mayor Greg Christiansen declared the Scarecrow Festival open. All sponsors, people who donated gifts, Chamber and Scarecrow Committee were invited.

Friday’s judging was a little tedious but Neil (my husband) is coming up with a technical system to make next year’s judging much easier. We were being contacted around 5pm to find out who had won!

We estimate that we had 2,000 people through the gates on Saturday attending the Festival.

  • Pig racing was a roaring success and we will definitely do it again next year.
  • Bubble soccer, jumping castle & human bowling was also very successful.
  • Bumper cars were very popular with the little & big kids aka the Dads.
  • Photo booth didn’t stop all day.
  • TMSA opened their canteen which took approx. $1000
  • All4dance, Ned Heaton (guitarist), Stanley rocked on stage, Adrian & the Bongo Bus were sensational, Round Mountain Girls were enjoyed by all … including the SES carpark guy.
  • A variety of vendors added to the mix and to the fun of the day
  • Absolutely no glitches to report and everyone’s feedback has been extremely positive.

The awards ceremony was a flying success, the Brewery staff were run off their feet and had a record day.

Two new members have asked to join next year’s Scarecrow Committee as well as a few of the old committee will stay on.

Budget-wise we finished $500 in the positive.

The new committee learnt an enormous amount, and will do some things slightly differently in 2017. Our plan for 2017 is to double the number of vendors and entertainers, hold the event on one level and to start planning earlier!

An idea is to run a Scarecrow Trail scavenger hunt. This will encourage people to drive the trail, to collect clues from scarecrows, businesses etc. and finish at the Festival at the Sports grounds to collect their prize.

We are meeting this Tuesday to prepare the Grant application for the 2017 festival.

The Scarecrow Committee is currently seeking funds for a Scarecrow sculpture to be permanently erected on the Mountain. We have found an artist who has just completed a scarecrow sculpture based on the scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz for an exhibition, and she is prepared to sell this to us.

A huge thank you from the 2016 committee!

Linda Hogan –


There has been little new for this month other than that Councillor Nigel Waistell will be seeking to get additional Gallery Walk toilet keys for Chamber and Gallery Walk Committee to keep as a back-up.

This will hopefully ensure that we don’t have a repeat in the future when the toilets on Gallery Walk were locked on the Public Holiday Monday, and could not be accessed by the public.

Darren Jack –