TMCCI November Newsletter

Please join us at our Special & General Meeting on Wednesday 9th November @ 6pm at the Heritage Winery.

Please RSVP for catering purposes by Monday lunchtime. SMS: Y or N to Alan – 0419 269 430 or Email: “YES” in Subject line to

Special Meeting starts at 6pm to adopt the new constitution.

We will have a break between the 2 meetings to network, eat and drink. The General meeting will begin at 7 pm and the Mayor will be our guest speaker.

Clancey Covington has withdrawn both her motions previously made at the September General Meeting that were on the agenda.


It has been huge month for the MC!

The ‘Pink’ networking breakfast was worth attending, and thank you to everyone who joined us and bought raffle tickets.

A routine letter will be sent out to all members regarding member information. If your current eligibility has changed as per our Member register i.e. your business name, trading name and linked ABN number, or you have cancelled your trading name and ABN, or sold your business then we need to update your information.

We appreciate your assistance as we need to keep a current register of members/businesses and this needs to match your membership application.

The draft constitution took up an enormous amount of time to have it completed, and a Special Meeting called before our next General Meeting. A big thank you to my committee and to Rob Ward.
The map boards artwork is completed and heading for the printer. We had a great take-up and we’re looking forward to seeing them installed.

All previous advertisers in the telephone book have been called. If you would like to be in the publication, there will be adverts appearing in both the News and the Times in the coming weeks.
It was great to attend Jaap’s book launch at The Heritage and to see such a big crowd. The VIC is selling ‘Green Island in the Sky’ if you would like to obtain a copy.

The Council has undertaken some work at the VIC. Cleaned the carpets, installed water filters, cleaned the gutters, emptied the tanks and refilled with clean water. Now that the pruning has been done there is more light coming into the VIC. It would be great to be able to give our VIC a facelift – new carpet tiles/ fresh white paint and some great products to sell. Any ideas or offer of labour, please email

Peter, Gordon and I met with Debra (SRRC Manager Community & Culture) and Brent (SRRC Tourism Development Officer). First up we asked if they would be interested in giving us some money to have their Scenic Rim map as the centrefold of the new map brochure. We believe that it would show locals and tourists that there is so much more to do in the region, as well as including the Mountain in the region. Unfortunately, Brent did not see the value and we were asked to put a proposal to them for next year’s map.

Brent’s vision is to rather produce a separate booklet that matches each of the ‘Experience Areas’ which is more tailored to the various regions, and an area specific brochure which will complement this information. This would be distributed through the VICs.

We asked Council to consider requests for funding outside of the current budgets. Debra asked that all requests for next year’s budget be given to her by December so that they can be included in the Business Plans and be included in the budget process.

Air B+B’s were on the agenda. Discussed if Council could consider how to level the playing fields and get these licensed.

The Commonwealth Games are a current hot topic. The MC have had several discussions and have met with interested parties. Gordon, Peter and I are heading down to the Gold Coast next week with Rose (VIC) to meet with GOLDOC. Council has set up a Commonwealth Games reference group and Peter has been invited to participate.

It is almost time to start planning our Christmas party which will be held at The Heritage – please keep Wednesday the 14th December free… an invite will be going out shortly. Last year was a fantastic event and we are sure the new owners – Peter and Karen – will give us a wonderful evening.

Warm regards,


The VIC has been busy with all the good weather; the numbers are up! We are looking for more volunteers, especially those who can help for half days on the weekends.

The Green Island in the Sky book is stocked and a few have been sold. New Australian made kids puzzles are in stock as well as some opal key rings and pins from Australian Outback Opals.
The volunteers have been on a famil to camping grounds on the Mountain and around Canungra. Thanks to Thunderbird park for morning tea.

Skywalk has taken the display corner for December and January. Please contact the VIC 55453200 if you would like to display your business in February.

As always everyone is welcome at the VIC, please come in and introduce yourself and business.
Regards, Terri –


Peter and I have been planning and working out the details for our Pilot Social Media Loop Campaign. We have communicated with the businesses who will be involved in the Pilot – a Weekend on Tamborine Mountain and we have also communicated with the other members who expressed an interest in being involved.

We hope they will want to be involved in future campaigns.

Our Facebook page continues to grow at a steady pace. The organic reach on most of our posts is well over 2,000.

Please contact me if you have promotions that you would like me to share on Social Media. Dianne Warnes –


Has been very busy responding to members and non-members enquiries, maintaining the database, and disseminating correspondence to the relevant committee members.
Along with my fellow committee members, we have been contacting businesses about being on the new Map boards and assisting new members to join the Chamber.
Dianne Warnes


The October 2016 financials are available on the website for viewing.

It was another busy month with invoices being issued for Map Board advertising and also for the 2017 Map Brochure.  November will see invoices issued for the telephone directory so please look out for these in your inbox.

We have continued to support two local schools with an annual bursary of $500 each, one of which will be presented by Delma McCrea at their speech night on 16.11.16.

Please email and let me know.



Chamber Tourism Sub-Committee has been mainly focused on working with Scenic Rim Council on a number of initiatives such as the new Five Year 2016-2021 Tourism Strategy report, that has been through two drafts this month. There have been numerous meetings both on the Mountain and in Beaudesert and there are still several meetings required until Chamber are happy that this plan correctly reflects upon the special environmental and community impact needs of Tamborine Mountain.

A Sub-Committee meeting was held on 31st October to discuss the need for more accurate data on the number of visitors, their demographics and the activities and spend whilst they visit or stay on the Mountain. It seems clear from the Council numbers, and their recent Draft Strategy Plan, that there are limited accurate sets of data on such matters. It was resolved therefore to try and undertake a more accurate assessment using feedback from the major tourism attractions and other known traffic and accommodation sources. John Penglis and Judi Minnikin have kindly offered to help in this work using their own marketing statistics.

The Tourism Advisory Committee (TAC) Meeting was held on 2nd November at Council and there was continuation of the debate about closer integration of the tourism groupings in the Scenic Rim.  A follow up meeting is planned for 9th November on the Mountain with representation from Council, their consultants, Earthlink, and the Tourism Su-Committee. There are quite a few hurdles to still overcome before these plans can move forward, and with limited funding available it may take somewhat longer that at first expected.

Meetings were also held with Gold Coast Tourism (GCT) representatives during the last month, to discuss closer collaboration with the Mountain regarding the subject of how the Mountain a benefit from the increasing number of international tourist arrivals.  GCT have also kindly sponsored extensive radio adverting of the Mountain on B105 and Triple M radio stations during the month of November, with Michael Ward of Tamborine Mountain Distillery, promoting both his iconic business and the beauty of Tamborine Mountain as part of the ‘Gold Coast Hinterland’.

Gordon Chalmers


Stats are for Month of October 2016 – year on year (compared to 2015)
Again, a healthy increase (compared to this time last year) in the number of users visiting the site.

Sessions – DOWN slightly: 2.31%   28,312 vs 28,982
Users – UP: 10.21%   25,010 vs 22,694
Page views: DOWN -7.8%   51,101 vs 55,419 (approx. 1700 per day)
Pages per Session DOWN -5.61%   1.80 vs 1.91
Avg. Session Duration 2.22 minutes
Single page visits – slight improvement (lower bounce rate)
New Sessions UP   6.8%
New Users: UP 4.4%

Access from different devices:
Mobile          up ~11% (year on year) – a prominent rise
Desktop         down ~7.73%
Tablet          down ~32%

Trend continues towards a small increase in searches for things to do on the Mountain, natural attractions/unique attractions.

The front page is capturing relatively more of the traffic than last year, and the percentage of page views for accommodation-related searches shows a slight rise, year-on-year.

The focus continues on the website to allow easier navigation for all sectors, and especially to address the concerns of some in the accommodation sector that there be no practical bias in the access to the different categories of accommodation. To this end, we have returned to a random operator listing (which was trialled last year) each time someone lands on the main accommodation page, giving all operators an equal chance of being prominently displayed to all visitors. The provision of category searches/selections for those who want to go straight to a given accommodation category is included – hopefully the best of both worlds for all our operators.

The other main ongoing activity is in sensibly addressing the continued, pronounced shift towards accessing the Chamber website on mobile phones. We aim to simplify and de-clutter listings in order to give our members the best chance of quick and relevant click-through referral traffic. We will be contacting each operator with suggestions and feedback to help make your listing/s even more effective.

As always, we welcome your feedback and queries on how we can make the site work better for our members – please email


  • A number of meetings were held with council regarding future funding of marketing activities on the mountain e.g. brochure distribution.
  • Council advised that a business case would need to be put forward as there were no funds available in the tourism budget. We are awaiting the template to complete this.
  • Feedback was provided to council on the Draft 5 Year Tourism Plan. A number of concerns were raised such as the accuracy of data and a number of key industries on the mountain were not adequately covered in the plan e.g. weddings. The Management Committee wants these issues addressed before sign off.
  • A campaign plan has been developed for the Loop Campaign and has commenced. A $100 prize for the Chamber was approved and $100 for Facebook advertising. Total prize value with other member participants is over $600. The concept will be “Win a Weekend on Tamborine Mountain”
  • The first Commonwealth Games 2018 Reference Group meeting was held on Friday 4th.
  • A Commonwealth Games sub-committee will be formed to manage the project for the chamber and other community groups that are involved.
  • It was agreed the website requires upgrading. A functional specification will be developed during December

Peter Harris


  • Visitors through the gates at the festival were about 2,000 plus
  • Financially we closed with $520.10 in the bank
  • Donations were made to Make a Wish, SES ($100) & Tamborine Rural Fire Brigade ($100)
  • Rewarding to hear from several of the local business owners, saying they had the best weekend financially in the history of the event.
  • Kids in the Know ran an extremely popular scarecrow making workshop. We helped by donating all the materials to make life size scarecrows. Approximately 49 – 56 scarecrows were made during the week.
  • The workshop was a totally free event for the community, thanks to our help.
  • Enthusiasm was high and scarecrows travelled to the mountain from as far south as Alstonville and as far South as Caloundra to be part of the trail.

2017 Scarecrow Festival

Following this year’s event, we have been approached by several locals to join the committee.

  • Grant applications are well underway
  • We would like to triple the size of the event in 2017
  • Ideas for the next festival are – International food theme, wine tasting, buy a cheese and wine platter for the adults and sit back and watch the entertainment bands, comedians, performers etc.
  • People can enter to take part in a scarecrow scavenger hunt style event, making the trail more interactive. They will be given a map with clues which will send them off across the mountain in search of the answers. If you are a business and would like to participate in the scarecrow scavenger hunt we strongly encourage you to talk to us. Participants will be required to find hidden envelopes with clues, take selfies with mountain icons, take a video busking… these are just some of the ideas we have come up with so far. First one back to the Tamborine Mountain Sports Grounds on Long Road, where the festival will take place (again) wins $xx …?
  • Shortly we will begin writing to Hot Tomato, Sea FM & Gold FM shortly inviting them to broadcast from the venue and/or to be special guests. And we will be contacting local celebrities to help launch the event.
  • Any suggestions/ideas or if you would like to join the committee please contact me.

A huge thank you from the 2016 Committee!

Linda Hogan


The Gallery Sub-committee will be pleased to see the commencement of work by council for the beautification of the park at the cheese factory end of Gallery Walk. Corner of Long Road and Eagle Heights Road.

The commencement of these works will start around the 2nd half of November, with the Honourable Deputy Mayor Councillor Nigel Waistell turning over the first sod of soil at the park.
The work on the park will then continue through December and over the Christmas months until completed sometime in early 2017.

We would also like to see more locally made products, crafts and produce made available for visitors to Gallery Walk.

If you have such products that you would like to promote, please let me know and send me an email so we can help promote your products.

Darren Jack