TMCCI December Newsletter

Only 20 seats left! Please join us at our Christmas Dinner on Wednesday 14th December @ 6pm at the Heritage. Last year was a fabulous evening and it will be a great time to relax and catch up!

Please RSVP for catering purposes by Monday morning 9am. SMS: name & no attending to Alan – 0419 269 430 or Email: name & no attending in subject line to

Instead of our door prize we will have a donation tin for Emergency Relief. This is run through the Mountain Anglican Church who assist local residents in need with donations of money and food.

A huge thank you to everyone who supported the New Constitution and who attended the Special Meeting. As well as a special thank you to our lawyer Rob Ward and Gordon Chalmers for the late-night hours spent in finalising the format.

I’d also like to thank my committee for the skulduggery in arranging my surprise birthday cakes, especially to Terri Taylor for baking the delicious cakes!

The map boards are being installed. Warwick is getting rid of the rust and painting before installing the new map and information. I think they look good – great job to everyone involved!

The new telephone book is underway. Alan has spent many hours calling advertisers, and he and Andrew are working together to finalise and send to the printer. These will be distributed towards the end of January. Any changes please don’t delay in letting them know.

Nigel has put in a budget request to Council to give the VIC a facelift in the new year. This is needed as the building is set back from the road and we need to increase awareness through signage and a freshly painted building.

Rob Lillystone is kindly giving up his time and assisting both the VIC and the Scarecrow Festival in applying for grants.

Rose, Gordon, Jaap, Peter and I had an informative, initial meeting with GOLDOC. They appeared to like the ideas we put forward to them for the Mountain to embrace the Commonwealth Games. They are happy to work with us. Therefore, we have started planning a community involved project in the lead up to the games, and will discuss this with the members at our January Chamber General Meeting.

The Tourism committee had a fiery meeting with Council representatives over the draft Scenic Rim Tourism Strategy. The tourism numbers used in relation to Tamborine Mountain were inaccurate and not a good reflection of visitors. The draft has been amended to reflect some of our figures. More work needs to be done in data capturing. The MC are hoping to be able to use the resources of a recently graduated student, who will do accurate gathering of tourist data. Based on this the MC will set an action plan for the Mountain re Destination Development, Destination Marketing & Destination Management.

The Website Committee purchased the domain names + These have been redirected to our current Chamber website. Andrew and Richard are working together to simplify the website and to make it easier to use which will encourage visitors to spend more time on the site. An update will be given at the January meeting.

The MC were invited to attend the Gallery Walk Christmas Party at Bungunyah Manor which was a lovely evening. Thank you to Mandy and Karen for all your hard work.

The VIC is in desperate need of good product to sell. The volunteers and Terri are looking at various suppliers of local goods as well as tourist paraphernalia that can be branded Tamborine Mountain. The interior has been cleaned and tidied up and with some new shelving and product, their daily visitors will have much to look at and browse over.

The annual membership invoices will be sent out later this month. Please remember to inform Jackie if your current eligibility has changed as per our Member register i.e. your business name, trading name and linked ABN number, or you have cancelled your trading name and ABN, or sold your business – then we need to update your information.

We appreciate your assistance as we need to keep a current register of members/businesses and this needs to match your membership application form.

I wish you and your family a safe and blessed holiday season. Looking forward to seeing you at our Christmas function!

Warm regards,

The Management Committee accepted the following memberships at our MC meeting 29/11/16.

  • Janine Gardner – Under the Greenwood Tree
  • Sam Williams – Green Lane Coffee
  • Michelle Payne – The Artist Tree
  • Angela McInnes – Angela’s Pantry
  • Jane-Ellen Toro – Zebra Stone Design
  • Sroya Rose – Dragon Moon
  • Amanda Lalor – The Olive Branch
  • Carol-Ann MillerCastle Glen
  • Tommasina Burgo – Little Miss Marie
  • Josey Worrall – Jakama Designs
  • Greg Ruddle – Tamborine Mountain Nursery

Numbers visiting the VIC were average for this time of the year.

Sales and banking were up due to the sales of some of the larger books.

There is a new volunteer in training her name is Brenda.

The volunteers are looking forward to going to Avocado Sunset for their Christmas breakfast, thank you to Richard and Cheryl. Their Christmas lunch is as always generously provided by Cedar Creek winery, thank you John.

Quotes have come in for the new brochure racks, and we are looking at getting a grant to cover the costs.

Skywalk has taken the corner advertising space for December and January. Their display is very eye-catching, every visitor stops and looks at it.
The space will be available in February. Please contact us for details.

As always if you are passing the VIC come in, introduce yourself and say hello. Accommodation managers, phone your vacancies through on Wednesdays.

Regards, Terri

Our Facebook page continues to grow steadily in reach, followers, page visits and people engaged.

Promotions for members are shared locally and further afield based on relevance.

Please email me your Christmas promotions. Include a good quality, original image/s, some text about your promotion. I will edit your text and post-process your photos to engage people on social media.

Dianne Warnes

Sorting, distributing and responding to correspondence from members, potential members, the public and a variety of organisations.Maintaining database. Preparing for Christmas.

I hope to see everyone at the TMCCI Christmas Dinner.

Dianne Warnes

The November financials are on the website for viewing.  As the chamber’s financial year ends on 31 December we are asking that all outstanding amounts are paid promptly.

Currently the accounts receivable balance is $23,573.61.  With the new map brochure going to print in January we require all payments to be received in order to secure your advertising spot, so to avoid disappointment, please do not delay in paying your invoice.

Once again, if you have committed to advertising in the map brochure and have not received an invoice please let me know ( so I can check your details and get the invoice to you.

Wishing you and yours a safe and merry Christmas and all the best for 2017!

Regards, Jackie

The Chamber Tourism Sub-Committee has been mainly focused during November, working with Scenic Rim Council on finalizing the year 2021 Tourism Strategy Plan. There have been some debates regarding the projections of visitor numbers to the Mountain, with our own estimates being orders of magnitude greater than the draft plan showed.

A meeting with Council and their Consultant on 9th November proved a watershed and after a few of the major tourism operators provided figures for their annual visitation, Council finally accepted that our own predictions were closer to the mark. The current traffic counting work being undertaken by Mains Roads locally will hopefully further enhance the accuracy of such data. A special thanks must go to Jaap Vogel who has tirelessly modelled the predictions a number of different ways to finally get an accurate picture of the total number of visitors to the Mountain.
November has also been a busy month organising the preliminary events planned for the Commonwealth Games coming to the Gold Coast in April 2018.  A new Sub-Committee has been formed to prepare for a major Tamborine Mountain project planned to celebrate this major sporting and tourism event.

Rose Siva, one of our fantastic volunteers from the Visitors Information Centre has been instrumental in helping drive the program and she brings a wealth of experience from her time working on the Auckland Commonwealth Games. Initial meetings on the Coast with the Games Organising Committee have been very positive and plans are advancing at a rapid pace for a Flag Flying ceremony starting in April 2016, one year before the official opening ceremony.  A total of seventy businesses will hopefully participate, with each adopting a Commonwealth country and theming their business and truly getting into the spirit of the Games.

Meetings were also held with Gold Coast Tourism (GCT) representatives during the last month, to discuss closer collaboration with the Mountain regarding the subject of how the Mountain a benefit from the increasing number of international tourist arrivals.

GCT have also kindly sponsored extensive radio adverting of the Mountain on B105 and Triple M radio stations during the month of November, with Michael Ward of Tamborine Mountain Distillery, promoting both his iconic business and the beauty of Tamborine Mountain as part of the ‘Gold Coast Hinterland’.

Gordon Chalmers

Stats are for Month of November 2016 – year on year (compared to 2015)
(Again, a healthy increase (compared to this time last year) in the number of users visiting the site.)

Sessions – UP: 14%   24,139 vs 21,173
Users – UP: 14.21%          19,567 vs 17,133
Page views: UP 12.77%   44,995 vs 39,901 (approx. 1700 per day)
Pages per Session DOWN -1%   1.86 vs 1.88
Avg. Session Duration 2.20 minutes
Single page visits – similar rate 55.55% vs 53.71%
New Sessions UP              4.45%  76.25% vs 73.00%
Returning visitors: UP 3.2%

Access from different devices:
Mobile          up ~29% (year on year) – another prominent rise
Desktop         up~7.8%
Tablet          down ~18%

The past month has been spent focusing on identifying where the existing website can be simplified, consolidated and remodelled to allow a much clearer access for visitors to the TMCC site.

We have been digesting the best efforts of (Australian) tourism-related websites to identify the most effective ways of presenting the valuable resources and listings within the Chamber web database.
A clear outline and map should be finished by the end of this calendar year, discussed with all relevant committee members and hopefully agreed to so that work can commence on major improvements early in the New Year.

The driving imperative is the fact that mobile PHONES constitute well over 50% of all traffic to the TMCCI site, to which we can add another 10%+ including tablet computers. The high use of these devices means that we must switch over to a presentation and structure which prioritises these (literally mobile) users – and leave behind the desktop-based presentation model which has served to date.

As always, we welcome your feedback and queries on how we can make the site work better for our members.



  • Formation of the Commonwealth Games Sub-Committee
  • The approach is community focused not just chamber. This will assist in managing activities through the Scenic Rim Council Reference group and grant submissions
  • Several “brands” have been submitted to GOLDOC for approval
  • Sub-committee members so far are Alison Rip, Gordon Chalmers, Peter Harris, Jaap (arts), Mick Angus (TMSA) and Rose Siva (Project Manager)
  • Additional community groups will be approached to participate
  • Theme and concept paper has been completed and submitted for review by Reference group 9th December
  • Meetings have been held with several Event groups, potential and committed to events on the mountain
  • Chamber assistance has been committed to 3 events (2 potential, 1 confirmed) so far and we ask members to support these events that not only support businesses but the community as a whole
  • Volunteers for events are required, anyone interested please contact
  • The business case for funding from the council has commenced and awaiting figures before progressing.

Peter Harris

Gallery Walk would like to thank Cr Nigel Waistell and the Council for the new lights that light up the fig tree at the roundabout on Gallery Walk.

Gallery Walk sub-committee has also received feedback from local businesses and community members regarding the strength of the new lights. They believe the lights are not bright enough. The electrician from Five Star Electrical had previously contacted Main Roads regarding the maximum wattage that could be installed and Main Roads limited each of the lights to a maximum of 50 watts each.

The commencement for work at the new park in front of the cheese factory has been delayed due to the estimated quotes coming in at a much higher level than expected. Council is now reassessing all aspects of the works including contractors quotes and will advise the Gallery Walk subcommittee in due course.

The Gallery Walk subcommittee would like to thank Kerry and Herman from Bungunyah Manor, for the providing the wonderful venue for the Gallery Walk Christmas Party which was held on Tuesday. The food and company was excellent as always.

The Gallery Walk subcommittee would also like to wish everyone on Gallery Walk a Wonderful Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

Darren Jack