Please join us at our Networking Meeting on Wednesday 8th February @ 5.30 for 6 pm at Fortitude Brewing, 165 Long Road.

Guest speaker Requel will be talking on the Benefits of Marketing – marketing ideas to help promote local businesses to global audiences through the vehicle of the forthcoming Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast, with an emphasis on brand marketing.

Requel has a firm understanding of the fundamental drivers of business and is highly attuned to the needs of customers, partners and competitors. Over the years, she has created large networks throughout Australia and abroad and has been facilitating mutually beneficial business relationships based on trust and integrity and joint vision.

The MYG Group are a diversified Australian organization, with offices on the Gold Coast, Brisbane, South Africa, China and Israel. They recently opened an office at 24 Main Street on Tamborine Mountain looking to export Australian Wine, Beer and Spirits into the lucrative Asian Marketplace.

Please RSVP for catering purposes. SMS: Y or N to Alan – 0419 269 430 or Email: “YES” in Subject line to


I cannot believe that January 2017 is over!

The MC started the year in a flurry of activity. The telephone book is at the printer and will be delivered shortly. Thank you to all our advertisers.

Gordon, Peter and Rose have been hard at work completing the TM Commonwealth Community logo, approaching businesses to come on-board and adopt a country, as well as finalising ideas and advertising materials.

A huge welcome to Richard Wistow who is heading up the website committee. The MC have agreed with the website committee that the website needs a ‘new look’, as well as being more mobile friendly. The website committee is working on this as well as ongoing development, branding and adding more info/content to the members’ area. The MC would like the new look to coincide with the launch of the Commonwealth Community event in early April.

The map-brochure collaborative committee have signed off the new brochure which will be heading to the printer on Monday. Thank you to all involved.

As usual the committees would like help so if you have an interest in being involved in the Commonwealth Games Community Event, the Scarecrow Festival or at the VIC please contact the MC.

The upgrade of the Gallery Walk toilets is due to take place in February and the Council will install porta loos during the upgrade.

Reminder that “Springtime on the Mountain” will be on Friday 22nd, Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th September this year.  They will be having a cafe in one of the gardens and a sausage sizzle in the Botanic Gardens.

Our Scarecrow Festival will be 15-17th September this year.

The HOGS will be on the Mountain and at the Sportsground the weekend of March 17-19th and Showtime on Tamborine Mountain is on again March 18th from 10am to 10pm. Please diarise.

Please come along to our Networking evening, catch up with other members and listen to Requel’s talk on global marketing, it will be a great evening.

Warm regards,


There is a lot of excitement around the VIC as it is being transformed into the Australian Embassy on Tamborine Mountain for the Commonwealth games. More Australian made souvenirs are being stocked and flags will be flying. Four of the volunteers are part of our Commonwealth games committee for activities on the mountain.

A new volunteer is in training her name is Nancy.

Some new books are being stocked, the latest being of rare photographs of the Gold Coast and some Children’s rainforest and dinosaur story books.

There are some great local information and photo publications that make good coffee table books.
As always everyone is welcome at the VIC, please come in and introduce yourself and business.

Regards, Terri


The Chamber’s Facebook page continues to grow with a strong and steady following. The social metrics for last week were –

Total Likes: 1928
Likes Last Week: 24
Reach: 4744

Gallery Walk’s page is also growing steadily. The social metrics for last week were –
Likes 834
Reach: 2132

These results are all organic.

If you would like your business promoted on social media, please email me.

Dianne Warnes


Correspondence has been quiet which I think is due to the school holidays and Australia Day holiday.
There were no new member applications in January.

Cheryl Wistow


The January 2017 financials are on the member’s website for viewing.  We issued 150 membership invoices in January and about 50% have been paid.  As the AGM is in March and only financial members can vote, please be sure to pay your membership fees to enjoy the continuing benefits of being a chamber member.

Thank you to everyone who completed and returned the membership update form, it really helps to keep our membership database current.  Should you not have received a membership invoice please let me know.

Please email .



The Chamber Tourism Sub-Committee has been mainly involved in January with ongoing planning for the upcoming Commonwealth Games Plan. A presentation at the January General Meeting detailed the whole project.  Weekly newspaper articles have also further detailed these evolving plans.  Currently about 45 businesses have already committed and it is expected that all 70 countries will be allocated by mid-February.

Flags and Passports are being developed and the launch date of 4th April is still looking good.  Plans are developing for the first Comm Games event being a Food Festival on Sunday 9th April at a venue to be announced.  The focus will be on international food.

Final proof reading of the new Tamborine Mountain Map (TMM) brochure took place over a number of meetings and is now ready for the press. This will be the biggest tourist brochure ever published in the region and we are confident that it will be well received.

Work rebranding the tourism website as also has taken up much resources during January.

The Tourism Advisory Committee (TAC) meeting was held on 24th in Beaudesert and was used to show the new Council Tourism website …

Gordon Chalmers


Stats are for Month of January 2017 – year on year (compared to 2016)

Again, the trend continues towards more frequent mobile access of the TMCCI website – primarily through mobile phones.

Sessions: -7.91% 31,643 vs 34,360
% New Sessions: 1.14% 74.67% vs 73.83%
Bounce Rate: -1.34% 53.78% vs 54.51%

Access from different devices:
Mobile          up ~5.6% (year on year) – again, a significant increase in phone access.
Desktop       down ~22.5%
Tablet          down ~27.8%

January’s website activity was focused on a detailed breakdown of problematic elements in the current site design and accessibility. A detailed estimate was compiled and presented to the Management Committee to
•         Remodel existing TMCCI website to make it fully accessible and useful to both visitors and members, with emphasis on mobile (phone) access and usability.
•         Bring into line with other successful QLD regional websites in terms of simplifying the sections of the website, and the priority of presentation.
•         Use existing database content and rework the presentation into clear, logical and attractive chunks of information – drill-down for detail from simple links.
•         Make Chamber Members’ content much more logically accessible and attractive, thus more attractive to Mountain businesses to take part.

As always, we welcome your feedback and queries on how we can make the site work better for our members – please email


An event strategy has been developed to promote events on the mountain and streaming the process.

Attended the Reference group meeting with Council who said they will have a budget – no indication of how much and won’t know until June. Some ideas came up for promotion for Mountain, will update once notes received.

Peter Harris


Councillor Nigel Waistell has updated us on the following items that have been raised by the Gallery Walk community.

1. Porta loo in Gallery Walk carpark. Nigel is seeking advice from Council as to their future intentions. These were installed as temporary solution for the holiday season.

2. Placement of porta loos during upgrade of Gallery Walk toilets. Nigel is seeking advice from Council.

3. Date of upgrade to Gallery Walk toilets. Nigel is seeking advice for commencement date.

4. Pedestrian crossings. Council has been advised by DTMR that they will not entertain this request.

5. Crossings for the disabled is to be discussed in Council.

6. Lighting along Gallery Walk. Unless landlords and/or tenants are prepared to install lighting within their properties, all that Council is able to offer are standard lamps on the existing telegraph poles.

7. Car Parking. Council have stated that there is available car parking in the council car park (North), the Cheese Factory car park (South), Eagle Heights Rd, MacDonnell Rd and Wongawallen Rd. Council believes that for the majority of the time, this is sufficient. Council have suggested to improve the problem, that staff should park in the council car park, and leave the street parking and off street parking available for customers.

Council will be having further discussions with the Gallery Walk Sub-committee as part of their workshop discussions.

Darren Jack–