General Meeting

Please join us at our General Meeting on Wednesday 11th January @ 5.30pm for 6pm at Cedar Creek Winery.

Guest speaker – Damon Cavalchini from NBN – he will focus on business possibilities and benefits & inform us on the different technologies being rolled out across Tamborine Mountain and surrounds

Please RSVP – SMS: Y or N to Alan – 0419 269 430 or Email: “YES” in Subject line to


Happy New Year and Welcome to 2017!

I know we are all thinking of Phil and Ania. Watching the Polish Place burn down was a sad event for the community. The MC sent a card and voucher on behalf of the Chamber, and we have offered them a complimentary membership for the year.

The Christmas party was a great affair and I hope enjoyed by all. Thank you to our hosts for helping to create a warm atmosphere and thank you to all those that attended. The MC have appreciated your support throughout the year.

New shelves are up at the VIC. A big thank you to Darren, Gordon and Mark from Hecta’s Property Services who helped with the removal of the old and installing the new shelving. After having visited a number of VIC’s and talking to Terri and the volunteers it’s been decided that we need to up the ante. Stocking of the VIC is now a priority for the new year with the volunteers on the lookout for interesting items to stock. One of the volunteers is a keen photographer and has supplied some of her photographs of Tamborine Mountain which have been turned into postcards.

After receiving Nigel’s request to Council to consider upgrading the VIC, I had a meeting with Hugh Dunne and Debra Moore. We looked over the signage, the building (exterior & interior), the garden and general visibility. It was a good meeting and I appreciate them making the trip up the Mountain.

Thank you to Council for installing some porta-loos in the Council carpark. I know that not everyone liked them but it’s a start and I’m grateful for all positive help.

I met with Jon Krause to discuss what he can do to help re Main roads in regards to Gallery Walk, the by-pass concept, parking issues and the general flow of traffic on the Mountain. He has requested a meeting with Main Roads for early this year. Main Roads also recently engaged a contractor to install traffic counters on Tamborine Mountain Road, and other site locations for a specific five day survey to determine current vehicle numbers, types and speed data. Cr Nigel Waistell has requested if the Chamber can be given this data.

The MC have been discussing the Commonwealth games in depth and interesting concepts and ideas have been formed. Gordon will share with the members at the General Meeting and Jaap will also share the vision of creating a solar installation.

Last but not least, Cheryl Wistow has agreed to take over the secretarial role from Dianne. A big thank you to Dianne for the work she has done during the last year. She has become so busy with various social media work for the Chamber, Gallery Walk and associated businesses that she is relieved to hand over to Cheryl. Thank you, Cheryl, for accepting the job at the Christmas party…I think we caught you at a positive moment!

I’m looking forward to the year ahead and look forward to catching up with you at the meetings,

Warm regards,

The Management Committee accepted the following memberships at our MC December meeting 03/01/17.

  • Tamborine Mountain Optometrists – Nicole Carr
  • Thunderegg Crystal Mine – Sam Maccoll
  • Your Tamborine Mountain Wedding Guide – Caroline Jackson + Detlef Hasenbein


With the good weather over Christmas and New Year, the VIC has been busy. With a roster of 15 volunteers we were able to roster two, to be on the busiest public holidays.

The new cupboards and shelving along the left-hand side look sleek and modern. A lot more stock is being displayed with storage drawers for extra brochures and craft items.

All visitors were shocked and saddened by the Polish Place fire, so much that we felt it necessary to have a book of condolence on the counter that visitors can write messages for Phil and Ania.

As always if you are passing through Doughty Park pop in and introduce yourselves to the volunteers, see the improvements and say hi.

Regards, Terri


A very busy time for social media. Lots of promoting member’s businesses in the lead up to Christmas. The tragic loss of the Polish Place increased social media activity.

We were all shocked and saddened for the family’s loss of their business, their home, their belongings and their dog. My post on the Chamber’s webpage reached 87.3K. Hundreds of people posted messages and shared the post. A very sad day.

Dianne Warnes


Happy New Year Everyone. A quiet time for the Secretary over the holiday period. Correspondence was mostly Christmas and New Year greetings.

Dianne Warnes


The 2017 Membership invoices have been emailed out together with a Membership Details Form to assist us in keeping our records current. Please complete and return the form via post or email.
If you have not received this invoice and attachment, please let me know straight away so I can check that I have your correct contact details (
The following amounts of money remain outstanding despite several attempts at collecting the money thus we are considering a payment in advance system for the future:

  • 2016 Fold out Map Brochures – $6,457 (already in wide circulation)
  • New format Map Brochure – $7,600 (going to print in mid-January 2017)
  • Map Boards – $1,050 (all boards have been updated and look great)
  • Phone Book – $5,693 (going to print in mid-January)

If you have received an invoice please pay. If you have taken out an advert but not received your invoice please let me know.

The December 2016 financials are on the website for viewing.

Wishing everyone the very best for 2017!
Please email



The Chamber Tourism Sub-Committee has been mainly involved in December with planning for the Commonwealth Games plans for the Mountain, with a launch date planned for April this year, a full 12 months before the opening ceremony.  More details will be presented at the forthcoming Chamber General Meeting and advertisements in the local newspapers.

Other events such as the Harley Davidson State Rally being held at the TM Sports Ground mid-March.

A six-month plan to create a major tourism data warehouse will start at the end of January with the aim of creating a structured platform to provide on demand information of accommodation and attractions on the Mountain.

Christmas parties took up the last few weeks of the year!

Gordon Chalmers


Stats are for month of December 2016 – year on year (compared to December 2015)
(Again, there is a healthy increase (compared to this time last year) in the number of users visiting the TMCCI site. As expected, also an increase over October and November – leading up to the holiday season.)

Sessions – UP: 4.74%   25,488 vs 24,334
Users – UP: 2.01%            20,247 vs 19,848
Page views: UP 3.26%   48,583 vs 47,050 (approx. 1600 per day)
Pages per Session DOWN -1.42%   1.91 vs 1.93
Avg. Session Duration 2.21 minutes
Single page visits – similar rate 52.59% vs 53.14%
New Sessions ~ slight decrease     -0.47% 74.92% vs 75.27%
Returning visitors: UP 0.3%
Access to the website from different devices:
Mobile          up ~25% (year on year) – another prominent rise in phone use
Desktop         down 17.3%
Tablet          down ~21%

We have continued the process to identify where the existing website can be simplified, consolidated and remodelled for better mobile device access to the contents.

The best fit strategy is logically to align with QLD regional tourism websites in terms of simplified content, emphasis and stylistic layout of an improved website.

Mobile PHONES still constitute well over 50% of all traffic to the TMCCI site (add another 10%+ including tablet computers). Presentation and structure which prioritises these (literally mobile) users is a clear target, and we have blocked out a rough map to emphasise the “Visit Tamborine Mountain” aspect of our website content, including the use of additional redirected domain names.

As always, we welcome your feedback and queries on how we can make the site work better for our members – please email


The Council initiative Reference group met for its monthly meeting and discussed various issues such as funding, community groups, awareness through Facebook, fires on top of Mountains, community input, and branding.

Peter Harris


Happy New Year and we hope that 2017 brings success and happiness to all.

Public toilets

The holiday season has brought many visitors to the mountain and has largely increased the number of visitors to Gallery Walk.
This increase in visitors has put immense pressure on the existing public amenities. We thank Council who have kindly supplied portable toilets at the MacDonald Road carpark to help ease the pressure.
The re-development of the existing toilets is proposed to commence in February, which we all look forward to.

Gallery Cafe on Gallery Walk now has an ATM machine which is available to the public which is a welcomed addition to Gallery Walk.

Fig Tree lights
The uplights at the Fig Tree roundabout have been upgraded from 50 watts to 100 watts each, and the colour display is looking much brighter.

Beautification works for new Park
The contract has been let to Nature Form and the commencement date will be advised by Council shortly.

Market stalls
Council Compliance regarding the market stalls is ongoing.

Darren Jack